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Megelli is the creation of SLDUK Ltd, whose vision and drive has enabled the realisation of this new and exciting brand of Motorcycles & soon to be Megelli Scooterini (2015).

“From the original idea (2004), to the realisation within 3 years”.

Using a wealth of knowledge at one of UK's leading Motorcycle design centres, linked with a well respected UK vehicle production & engineering company, the functionality, reliability and sheer stunning appearance has been crafted into what is truly a desirable series of Megelli motorcycles.

A must have attitude, has already developed from the general public to the most serious of Importers and Distributors, everyone wants a piece of the action.

Megelli have drawn on their expertise gained over the last 10 years in the arena of two & four wheeled transportation. Established partnerships with global manufacturers have been used to ensure a product of real quality and desirability.


Although a new brand, we truly believe the quality and design we have to offer will move us forward to even greater Goals.

It's happening


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